I can still remember dialing in to a local BBS and thinking, "I need to do one of these myself!". Having been exposed to computers, modems and a young world wide web at an early age, I am extremely comfortable with technology and continue even in my "old age" to learn things very quickly.

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my wonderful wife, and a team of furry accomplices (don't worry, I don't tweet pictures of them on a regular basis; my wife, however...).

When I am not learning new design patterns, or trying to conquer JavaScript once and for all, my wife and I can usually be found camping in the nearby Santa Fe forest, or chasing fish up and down the Rio Grande.

PHP (8/10)

I am a strong programmer using PHP, with a solid grasp of both procedural and object oriented style programming. I love to challenge myself (Fizz Buzz was easy, Eight Queens is much harder and I'm still working on it) and can often be found poking around other peoples code just to learn new techniques or different ways to solve the same problem.

MySQL (6/10)

Structured Query Language has kept my interest since I designed my first relational tables for a stateful user authentication system. I honestly don't get to utilize my knowledge here as much as I would like, given that a lot of projects with WordPress use it's already robust schema, so I've ranked myself a little lower out of ten just to be fair.

HTML5 with CSS3 (7/10)

I remember when <frameset> was all the rage. I had a page on Geocities with three frames; the header was bright blue, the sidebar was some kind of green acid, and the main content area had bright lava everywhere. CSS changed everything, and HTML5 has kept pushing us forward, but my design skills haven't changed all that much.

JavaScript (4/10)

There is no good explanation of why it has taken me this long to get knee deep in JavaScript. Something about "everything is an object" eluded me for a long time, but I have been spending my weekends pushing myself to learn, pushing myself to write code and solve problems, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My goal is to be as good here as I am with PHP.


LDD Consulting, Inc

Lead Developer

I am currently employed with LDD Consulting, Inc as the lead developer.

Our work focuses entirely on WordPress powered web sites, and providing clients with ongoing high quality services from training to custom design and development.

2010 - 2013


O'reilly Auto Parts, and Tractor Supply, Co

Working in retail management isn't the greatest way to hone your coding skills. It does however give you an opportunity to work with some great people, and interact with the public on a variety of levels.

My responsibilities included profit and loss analysis, inventory control, and of course providing support to my staff members. The experience I acquired here will go a long way to improving my customer service skills, my time management, and attention to detail.

2007 - 2009


WordPress and CakePHP Developer

While we were still in school, and freshly out of it, my wife and I together provided freelance design and development.

Working primarily with small organizations and sole proprietors, this was a great time to put new skills to the test and continue advancing our education.

2006 - 2007

Art Institute of Las Vegas

Interactive Media Design

They have since changed the name of this Bachelors program to "Graphic & Web Design"; when I attended it was still a fairly new program. A lot of the core programs centered around design as much as development, but the programming courses were solid.

I was unable to complete the program due to being denied further student loans.


Self Taught

I have interviewed with people who were far more concerned with my course load at the Art Institute than anything else I have done. I am quite proud of where I am, and how I got here; I read books, scour countless web sites, and practice more than anything else.

I don't believe in the adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and I plan on learning new tricks every way possible for as long as I can.